COVID-19 Updates

  • COVID-19 Operating Procedures for Fall 2020


    Dear DKH Academy Families,

    Our responsibility to the safety and wellness of your children while in our care is something we do with professionalism,
    preparedness, and confidence in all situations. Knowing this, as the Coronavirus is currently threatening our ability to
    return in the normal setting we were hoping for, it is clear that a revised operating plan is needed to minimize the risk
    of exposure and illness. As the situation evolves, we will reserve the right to add to or modify these protocols to align
    with the needs in our specific community.

    Currently, the following protocols will be implemented at DKH Academy for Fall 2020 in accordance with the newest
    CDC and Texas Health and Human Services orders and recommendations:

    • Our school year will begin on Tuesday, September 8, 2020
    • Parent Orientation and Meet the Teacher plans will be communicated mid-August and we are considering the
      possibility of having them virtually.
    • ALL staff will be required to wear face coverings while in our building and classrooms (playground is not
      included as there is ample space to physically distance).
    • Children (over the age of 2) who are comfortable wearing a face covering are encouraged to do so
    • NO ITEMS can be brought from home other than a backpack. We cannot allow children to bring in any
      personal items or toys.
    • Children’s shoes will be removed before entering our classrooms. They will be worn for outside play.
    • All classes will remain isolated from other classes throughout the school day to minimize exposure.
    • Physical distancing will be practiced by staff but will not be required within each isolated classroom to allow
      for normal social interaction and play as appropriate for young children.
    • Temperature checks will be required daily for all staff and students. Students will be screened in the car
      line before unloading.
    • In addition to temperature checks, you will be asked to answer a few questions before allowing any child to
      enter the building:
      • “Is anyone in your home experiencing COVID-like symptoms such as fever or cough?”
      • “Did you administer any fever-reducing medicine before attending school today?”
      • “Has your child had direct contact with someone who’s tested positive for COVID-19?”
    • Arrival and dismissal procedures will remain the same with the exception that we cannot allow parents to
      enter the building requiring all students be dropped off and retrieved in the car line. If you walk to
      school, those students will need to be temperature screened in the brick courtyard area and will be
      walked in by a DKH staff member. NO WALK-UPS for dismissal unless your child will be walking
      home with you and you do not have a car. No parking and walking up will be allowed. Emergency
      exceptions which make it necessary for a parent to enter the building will require that adult to be
      screened and cleared prior to admittance.
    • All students will immediately wash hands upon entering their classroom each day and will frequently be asked
      to wash hands and use hand sanitizer throughout the school day.
    • Enhanced daily cleaning and disinfecting procedures will be employed in all classrooms and throughout the
      buildings and common areas.
    • All lunches and snacks will need to be provided individually, as no group service of snacks and meals are

    There will be additional protocols communicated to families as we approach the start of the school year. Also, each
    family plays a role in protecting our school and children from unnecessary exposure. Considerations for families
    include keeping children home who exhibit any of the symptoms noted on the CDC family checklist (available on our
    website) and limiting social contact with people outside of your home until this pandemic slows its threat.

    The DKH team is so anxious to get back to school, and to do what we love in our most natural way, but for now, these
    measures are critical to allowing us to even open our doors. We are looking forward to a wonderful year of smiles,
    discovery and learning! This pandemic forces us all to look ahead with a wide lens and see that this immediate problem
    will not change what we are about or alter our passions, and it requires us to find ways to continue living and connecting
    for quality of mind, soul and heart!

    Warmest Regards,

    Nancy Parra
    Director, DKH Academy

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    Fall 2020