Our Extended Day Team

Meet our Extended Day Team!
    • Andrea Briggs
      LEAP 4's Teacher

      Andrea Briggs

      LEAP 4's Teacher

      Years in Education/Early Childhood: 4
      Years at DKH Academy: 4
      Education: BS degree in Early Childhood Education from Texas Women’s University, Certified EC-6th Grade
      Experience: Mrs. Briggs worked for the federal government before becoming a stay-at-home mom. During that time, Mrs. Briggs volunteered for many positions in her children’s elementary, middle, and high schools.
      Hobbies and Family: Mrs. Briggs is married and has a daughter in college and a teenage son. She enjoys decorating, sporting events, gardening and time spent with family and friends.

      Email: briggs@dkhacademy.org

    • Gaby Cardenas
      Business Manager/Spanish Immersion Teacher

      Gaby Cardenas

      Business Manager/Spanish Immersion Teacher

      Years in Education/Early Childhood: 6
      Years at DKH Academy: 5
      Education: Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León
      Experience: Mrs. Cardenas has taught as an assistant for two years with toddlers, and now teaches our Spanish Immersion classes here at DKH.
      Hobbies and Family: Mrs. Cardenas has 3 children, including a set of twins, and she enjoys cooking, traveling and the beach.

      Email: cardenas@dkhacademy.org

    • Kathleen Goff
      2's Teacher Assistant/ Leap

      Kathleen Goff

      2's Teacher Assistant/ Leap

      Years in Education/Early Childhood: 13
      Years at DKH Academy: 4
      Education: Bachelor of Arts from The University of North Texas
      Experience: Mrs. Goff spent her college years teaching at 2 local childcare facilities, and was a Substitute Teacher for LISD for 7 years.

      Hobbies and Family: Mrs. Goff is married and has two children, Austin and Abigail. They both attended DKH in the past.  She loves to run and participate in local races. She also enjoys swimming, designing anything on her Cricut, and spending time with her friends & family.

      Favorite Quote: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  -Eleanor Roosevelt

    • Noelle Griffith
      2's Teacher/ 2's & 3's Leap Teacher

      Noelle Griffith

      2's Teacher/ 2's & 3's Leap Teacher

      Years in Education/Early Childhood: 25
      Years at DKH Academy: 13
      Education: B.S. in Early Childhood Education from Kent State, Certified EC-6th
      Experience: Mrs. Griffith taught Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades in both public schools and a private catholic school in Ohio before becoming involved in the curriculum and development of a Multi-Age Program. She went on to be one of the first teachers in the district to instruct students in a 1st/2nd grade classroom. Before leaving the district, Mrs. Griffith also spent time teaching a classroom of 3rd/4th graders.

      Hobbies and Family: Mrs. Griffith is married and has two grown sons and a daughter who attended DKH Academy. When she toured DKH as a prospective preschool for her daughter, she knew it felt like him from the moment she stepped through the doors. Mrs. Griffith enjoys walking/running, reading, spending time with her children, Netflix marathons with her husband, and snuggling with her dog.

      Favorite Quote: “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”  – Kathryn Stockett, author of The Help

      Teaching Style/Unique Quality: I am big believer in fostering kindness, acceptance, and positive self perception. I have adapted my favorite quote for use in my neighborhood (classroom). “You are KIND. You are SMART. You are IMPORTANT. You are LOVED.” These four phrases now serve as what we refer to as “our special words.” At the end of every day, we gather on the carpet, hold hands, and say these special words to ourselves and each other, from our hearts. It makes my heart happy to watch the children as these words start to take root in them.  It becomes a mini hug fest among friends. It truly is one of the best parts of our day!

      Email: griffith@dkhacademy.org