Our Nature Explore / Kid Fit Team

Meet our Nature Explorer / Kid Fit Teacher
    • Teresa Curtis
      KidFit Teacher

      Teresa Curtis

      KidFit Teacher

      Years in Education/Early Childhood: 2
      Years at DKH: 2
      Education: Bachelor of Arts from the University of Iowa, Masters in Audiology from Northwestern University
      Experience: Pediatric Audiologist at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for 1 ½ years; private practice audiogist working with both children and adults for 10 years; 3 years beachbody fitness coach
      Hobbies and Family: Mrs. Curtis is married and has three young children who have all attended or are attending DKH. She loves spending time with her family, working out, helping others lead a healthy lifestyle, watching the Packers and Hawkeyes and spending time watching her children at all of their extracurricular activities.

    • Jessica Petronsky
      Nature Explore Teacher

      Jessica Petronsky

      Nature Explore Teacher

      Years of Experience in Education/Early Childhood: 6
      Years at DKH Academy: 1
      Education: BA in Liberal Studies from California State University Bakersfield (CSUB), Elementary Education Certification from CSUB
      Experience: Mrs. Petronsky knew early on that she wanted to be a teacher. She worked as a substitute teacher while going to school for her credential. In 2010 Mrs. Petronsky was hired by Palmdale School District in California. Her first class was a 1st/2nd grade combo class (34 students!). She taught another year of 1st grade before moving to 4th grade for two years. After having her second child, she decided it was time to be at home with her kiddos. Mrs. Petronsky is excited to come back to teaching and thrilled to be at DKH!
      Hobbies and Family: Mrs. Petronsky got married in January 2011. They have three kids, two of them will be attending DKH! The family has three dogs, Bree (a sweet rescue) and Thunder and Lightning (Maltese mix sisters). Mrs Petronsky loves spending time with her family doing anything from having dance parties to swimming. In any spare time, you can find her cuddled up with a book or getting a pedicure with her mom.
      Email: petronsky@dkhacademy.org