• Welcome to the Education Station

    Welcome to the “Education Station” Podcast by DKH Academy.  We launched this podcast to provide insight into our awesome school, our teachers, our staff and students!  With each episode, you can expect new topics that take you behind the scenes that offer different perspectives into our passion for teaching, uniqueness in our approach, and dedication to your children. We are excited to provide this to our families – current and future!  Please join us! 

    If you have any questions, ideas or possible topics you would like to hear about – please contact us at info@dkhacademy.org. 

    All Aboard!!!!!

  • Episode 6 (25 minutes)

    This episode is dedicated to the teachers who make our school extra-special with their Special classes. Discover the hidden enrichments of our Guided Reading, Art, Kid Fit, Nature Explore and Spanish programs.

    Episode 5 (11 minutes)

    We are sharing LOVE for our Awesome Amazing Assistants! Give a listen to this tribute as you hear how valuable our teacher aides truly are

    Episode 4 (19 minutes)

    The Fabulous 4's team wants to share with you some key points about getting ready for Kindergarten!

    Episode 3 (23 minutes)

    Listen along as the Terrific Two's Team explain the importance of play and what it looks like along with social/emotional growth in this early age of education.

    Episode 2 (29 minutes)

    In this episode, our Toddlers teacher discusses crucial key points that influence brain development at this young and investigative age. Listen in as we discuss their environment, their milestones and so much more.

    Episode 1 (25 minutes)

    Our special guest, Owner & Director Nancy Parra joins us in a discussion about DKH Academy's origin, philosophies and 40th Anniversary Celebration next week.